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How does it work?
Can't I just create a mail agent in my mail database myself instead of using WirelessMail?
How is WirelessMail better than using an R6 Mail Rule to 'send a copy to' my wireless device?
How does WirelessMail compare to BlackBerry Enterprise ServerTM?
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What do I need to use WirelessMail?
What you do NOT need
Do I need to leave my computer on?
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Can I try WirelessMail without buying it?
I am purchasing a WirelessMail Personal License for someone else. What Notes User Name should I enter in the Registration Key purchase page?
What do I do with the 5-digit Registration Key I purchased from this website?
After installing, I do not see the option Actions->WirelessMail->Configuration...
What should I enter in the 'Forwarding Address' and 'Device From Address' fields?
Do I have to reinstall the software every time Notes Administrators push out changes to the mail template?
How do I uninstall?
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Do users need to have Manager access to their mail files?
What performance impact does this have on the mail server?
Can I run WirelessMail on my local computer?
Does WirelessMail work with Lotus Notes Pager Gateway or Blackberry Enterprise Server?
Can WirelessMail send me a notification when an alarm is triggered in Notes?
Does WirelessMail work with emails that contain attachments?
Does WirelessMail work with encrypted mail?
How can I access my calendar with WirelessMail?
How can I make emails sent from my device appear to come from Lotus Notes?
How can I make emails sent from my device show up in the Sent folder in Notes?

For other questions about WirelessMail, please contact MartinScott Support