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When installing WirelessMail, there is no value available for the forwarding address, and the field is not editable. Installation cannot continue without a value.
When I click Enable Sending, I receive an error "You do not have execution access privileges for agent "WirelessMail | TextForwarding". WirelessMail will not run.
I receive an error "You do not have at least Designer level access to the mailbox" when installing WirelessMail.
Error message: "Notes error: someone else modified this document at the same time (log.nsf)", when installing WirelessMail.
After installing, I do not see the option Actions->WirelessMail->Configuration...
What should I enter in the 'Forwarding Address' and 'Device From Address' fields?
Hide details for Mail ForwardingMail Forwarding
WirelessMail is enabled, but email is not being forwarded automatically
I receive some messages, but not others
I receive most messages, but not ones with attachments or embedded objects.
Sending will not enable or stay enabled when I click "Enable Sending" button
My mail server has changed and WirelessMail stopped working.
The Agent Log gives the following error: "User" cannot open database OR Database has not been opened yet.
I receive emails from internal Notes addresses, but not from internet addresses.
WirelessMail will not forward messages sent to myself from my device.
What are the known issues of running WirelessMail on Domino 5.0.8?
I don't receive new messages on my mobile device very regularly.
Error Log: "You are not authorized to perform that operation"
Messages forwarded to my BlackBerry do not contain the Body text of the email
Hide details for WirelessMail FeaturesWirelessMail Features
How can I make emails sent from my device appear to come from Lotus Notes?
How can I make emails sent from my device show up in the Sent folder in Notes?
How can I access my calendar with WirelessMail?

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