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Buy License
After the 30 day evaluation period, you will need to purchase a 5-digit registration license key in order to continue using WirelessMail.

Choose one of the following license types to purchase...

Purchase WirelessMail 4.x
Personal License

Upgrade a 2.x or 3.x key to 4.x or purchase software maintenance.

Individual named user.

Most economical for 28 or fewer users.

One unique 5-digit key per user *

Server License

Unlimited users on the same Notes/Domino server.

Most economical for 29 or more
users per CPU on a server.

5-digit key works for
ALL users on the same server.

Enterprise License

Can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Price is based on number of users and number of servers.
US$ 59
per user
US$ 1999
per processor
Please contact us at:
MartinScott Support

For sales questions, please contact MartinScott Support

Easy License Upgrade Path!
When upgrading to Server or Enterprise licenses, you can be credited for previous license purchases. For example if you have previously purchased 10 Personal licenses for users on the same server, you can deduct $490 from the full Server license price. Contact us at MartinScott Support to apply credits before upgrading.

* Personal License transfers are permitted, at MartinScott's discretion, one time during the first year of use if the originally licensed user is no longer associated with the organization that purchased the license. An email from the organization's human resources department stating that the original user is no longer associated with the organization may be required to process your Personal License transfer request.