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Quick Start: Get your Lotus Notes email on a PocketPC device

PocketPC devices are full featured, all-in-one communications devices with office-grade mobile applications. The Microsoft Mobile inbox can pull email from a POP3 or IMAP email account such as AOL, Yahoo Mail Plus, Earthlink, Comcast, Cox, or others. However, most organizations do not permit POP3 and IMAP access to their Lotus Notes/Domino email servers. So how can your PocketPC handheld send and receive emails using your Lotus Notes internet address so people never see your POP address and instead think you are using Lotus Notes? How can you automatically keep copies of all emails sent from the PocketPC in your Notes "Sent" folder? MartinScott WirelessMail is the answer.

  • Lotus Notes/Domino email account
  • Lotus Notes 5.x or later version
  • PocketPC handheld (Windows Mobile, Windows SmartPhone)
  • POP3 or IMAP email account from your ISP or from AOL, Yahoo, Earthlink, Comcast, etc.

1) Install WirelessMail (Without a license key, WirelessMail will work as a free 30 day trial. With a license key, it works permanently. Email with any problems or questions). When asked for your 'Destination email' address, enter the email address of your POP3 or IMAP mailbox, e.g. Virtually all home internet accounts (such as cable modem and DSL) include one or more POP3 mail accounts. If you don't have a POP3 or IMAP mailbox account yet, you can get one from,, and other providers. On the WirelessMail install page, click . Installation may take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on network speed. If you are on a local replica of your Notes mail, replicate your Notes mail after installing WirelessMail to allow it to work on your server mail box.

2) if you don't already have your PocketPC Inbox set up to access the email address you entered in Step 1, then do that now.

Set up IMAP4 or POP3 e-mail service for Pocket PC 2003
1. Tap Messaging > Accounts> New Account…
2. Enter the full e-mail address for the account, e.g.
3. Tap Next.
4. The Auto configuration manager will attempt to set up the new service.
5. If your Pocket PC cannot connect to the internet, tap Skip.
6. Tap Next.
7. Enter your name in the field.
8. If the User name is blank or incorrect, enter the User name for your account.
9. Enter the Password for your account.
10. Select the Save password check box to store your password on the device.
11. Tap Next.
12. Select either IMAP4 or POP3 as your Account type.
13. Name the account something easy to remember.
14. Tap Next.
15. If the Incoming mail field is blank or incorrect, enter the correct IMAP4 or POP3 server name (you can get this from your ISP).
16. If the Outgoing mail field is blank or incorrect, enter your SMTP server name in the Outgoing mail field (you can get this from your ISP).
17. If you are connecting to an Exchange server, enter your Domain if necessary, otherwise leave it blank.
18. Tap Options.
19. Check "Check for new messages every [ ] minute(s)" for your Pocket PC to check for mail at that interval as long as it is connected (see important tips above).
20. Select a connection type if your account requires a special network or internet connection other than your default.
21. Tap Next.
22. Check "Outgoing e-mail server requires authentication" if your SMTP server requires your user name and password (most do these days – you may not be able to send e-mail if this is not checked).
23. Check "Only display messages from the last [ ] days" to only show recent messages.
24. Tap Next.
25. Selecting Get full copy of messages will attempt to download the complete e-mail message.
26. Selecting Get message headers only will only download the subject, From, and To fields typically seen at the top of a message.
27. Check "Include [ ] k" to download a portion of your messages with the headers. The larger the number, the more of your message will be downloaded.
28. Select "When getting full copy, get attachments" to download attachments with your e-mail messages.
29. Check "Only if smaller than [ ] K" to define a limit to the attachment size.
30. Tap Finish.

Make emails sent from the PocketPC appear to come from Lotus Notes and show up in the Sent folder in Notes.

3) If your Windows Mobile version allows you to specify that messages sent from the PocketPC appear to come from another internet address, specify your Lotus Notes address. Sometimes this is listed as the "Reply To Address". Also, look for and enable an option to 'BCC a copy of outgoing messages to:', and enter your Notes internet address in this field, too. This will cause the PocketPC to send a copy of all outgoing messages back to Notes, where WirelessMail can place them in the Lotus Notes Sent folder.

4) Optionally, in the Outgoing Mail Options, enter a text signature to automatically appear at the end of all messages sent from the PocketPC. You might simply want to copy the text you use in your Lotus Notes emails.
5) From your Notes inbox choose Actions\WirelessMail\Configuration... to open the WirelessMail Configuration screen.

6) Select your POP3/IMAP address in the list, and click the "Edit Address Profile..." button. For the "Device 'From' address", enter the exact same address that you entered above in Step 3 for 'BCC a copy of outgoing messages to:'. Click OK to close the box.

7) On the 'Email Types' tab, check the box 'Copies are sent back to Lotus Notes - place them in the "Sent" folder.' Then click the 'Save Changes & Exit' button.

Emails sent from the PocketPC should now appear to come from your Notes internet address. After the PocketPC mail program next synchs email, the sent emails will also appear in the Sent folder in Lotus Notes, as if you had sent them from Notes.