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BEST.IDEA.EVER - Dominopoint Day 2009 Social Stripe

Franziska Tanner  November 26 2009 08:24:56 AM
A couple of days ago I posted the "making of..." video from what has turned out to be the most exciting marketing idea (in my humble opinion) I've ever seen.
Presenting the Dominopoint Day 2009, "Lotus Knows....." Social Stripe!

What really struck me about this, even while making it, is how well the above expresses the sentiment of each of our User Group events, such as ILUG, UKLUG, IAMLUG.
Not taking away from how well Dominopoint Day was organized and not minimizing how much everyone learned or the business that took place that day.
But when you reduce it down to what is at the core, the real star of these privately organized events made of blood, sweat and tears are PASSION, KNOW-HOW and COMMUNITY!

Those three things hold great significance not just to me as a person, but to who I work with and what kinds of things I get involved with.
It's why we leave our families to travel to foreign places. Why people like Tiago and Daniele take the time to translate slides and introductions from English to Italian the night before the big event.

Transelating "how to get fired"

It's why Giuseppe Grasso, Claudio Meregalli and Daniele Grillo and their extended team put hours and hours of their own time into user group events.


And, it's why both Mary Beth Raven and I got up on stage in front of a few hundred native Italians and at least "tried" to introduce ourselves in Italian :)

Sidenote: I probably got way more excited about this than I should have, but  check out our very own translators that sat up in the control room and talked along our presentations! If you wanna know what the attendees heard, watch this video, taken during Mary Beth's session.

Fun Evening

I am honored to have been part of Dominopoint Day 2009 as a guest speaker.
Thank you for the invite (and the amazing food)!

1Giuseppe Grasso  11/26/2009 10:06:21 AM  BEST.IDEA.EVER - Dominopoint Day 2009 Social Stripe

Thanks for your kind words Franziska! It has been a true pleasure to have both you and Mary Beth on board!

2Rock  11/26/2009 12:41:19 PM  BEST.IDEA.EVER - Dominopoint Day 2009 Social Stripe

Hey Francie - is the Social Stripe app something we can use for other events? I would love to use something like that (or suggest its use) for other UG conferences, or maybe even Lotusphere itself!

Let me know - ping me so we can discuss how it works, how hard it is to set up, etc.

Thanks in advance!


3Daniele Vistalli  11/26/2009 3:13:32 PM  BEST.IDEA.EVER - Dominopoint Day 2009 Social Stripe

Thank you !!! For your session, for your time and for the great stories about "working on an island" :)